About us

Aloha! In 2016 my wife Anita and I started Aina Culture which is a small regenerative organic family farm business in North Kohala Hawaii. The genesis of our farm is also the beginning of us having kids who are now little dignified farmers involved in daily farm activities. When we are not farming we are surfing and enjoying family adventures.

We know turmeric and we know it well! From prepping turmeric fields to maintaining the health of the plants during the 8 month growing cycle. Over the years we have made it our mission to grow the world’s best and most medicinal turmeric. We have farmed an average of 20,000 lb annually. This has given us a unique insight into the turmeric plant with all its natural healing wonders. I am thrilled and inspired to continue sharing turmeric with the world through this turmeric latte which is a nostalgic, feel good, elixir... From our fields to your cup.